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Montreal lawyer sued in Portus case
Mar 13/07
KPMG alleges use of offshore accounts; Malcolm says he will fight allegationA 76-year-old Montreal lawyer who has a penchant for preserving Scottish culture has emerged as an alleged culprit in the collapse of hedge-fund company P...Read more

Lehman Brothers Buys Stake in Hedge Fund D.E. Shaw (Update4)
Mar 13/07
 March 13 (Bloomberg) -- Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. bought 20 percent of D.E. Shaw & Co., the fourth-largest hedge- fund company, to gain a larger foothold in the fastest-growing part of the asset-management industr...Read more

Norshield Receiver Turns Matters Over to Authorities
Mar 12/07
The receiver for defunct Canadian hedge fund Norshield is turning over evidence of possible fraud to authorities. RSM Richter, the receiver for the fund, submitted a report to an Ontario court saying much of the money ...Read more

Magnetar Hedge Fund Gains as Subprime Lenders Stumble (Update1)
Mar 12/07
 March 12 (Bloomberg) -- Magnetar Capital LLC, the hedge- fund firm started by Citadel Investment Group LLC veteran Alec Litowitz, gained 2.8 percent last month, helped by bets that subprime-mortgage lenders would stumble....Read more

Hedge Funds Have Best Month of Relative Performance in Four Years
Mar 12/07
Hennessee Group LLC, an adviser to hedge fund investors, announced that the Hennessee Hedge Fund Index advanced +1.09% in February (+2.50% YTD), while the S&P 500 declined -2.18% (-0.80% YTD), the Dow Jones Industrial Avera...Read more

SocGen faces $1.3bn class action suit
Mar 09/07
A Canadian insurer is launching a C$1.6bn ($1.3bn) proposed class action against Société Générale in connection with the French bank’s relationship with a collapsed hedge fund.Manulife Securities International is suing the French ...Read more

European hedge fund launches hit a record
Mar 08/07
New European hedge funds raised a record $37.7 billion (£19.5 billion) in assets last year as heightened corporate activity encouraged investors to pour money into funds that take bets on mergers and acquisitions. There w...Read more

AIMA to Publish Valuations Guide
Mar 08/07
LONDON (HedgeWorld.com)—The Alternative Investment Management Association is to publish its Guide to Sound Practices on Hedge Fund Valuation around March 20 in a bid to help managers develop clear policies in relation to the valua...Read more

Hedge Funds Withstand Turbulent February: Early Reports
Mar 08/07
NEW YORK (HedgeWorld.com)—Hedge funds that reported their February performance to the MSCI and Greenwich databases had positive returns as a group, despite the sharp correction in equity markets late in the month. The Februar...Read more

Goldman loses hedge fund top spot
Mar 06/07
JP Morgan Asset Management, which in 2004 bought US hedge fund manager Highbridge, has replaced Goldman Sachs at the top of a list of the 10 biggest US hedge fund managers, as its assets under management rose to $34bn (€26b...Read more

Mutual Funds Get Busy Signal From Analysts Chasing Hedge Funds
Mar 06/07
 March 5 (Bloomberg) -- Steven Roukis, who helps manage $1.7 billion for Matrix Asset Advisors Inc., says he often spent as much as half an hour on the phone with Wall Street analysts five years ago. Today, Matrix handles ...Read more

CGFS Report on Institutional Investors, Global Savings and Asset Allocation
Mar 05/07
The Committee on the Global Financial System yesterday released a report entitled Institutional investors, global savings and asset allocation. It was prepared by a working group chaired by José Viñals, Deputy Governor of the Ban...Read more

Hedge Funds Experience Net Inflows of Capital in 2006
Mar 05/07
Hennessee Group LLC, an adviser to hedge fund investors, estimates that hedge fund industry assets increased by $215 billion in 2006 to $1.442 trillion.  The increase in assets represents +17.5% growth over industry assets sinc...Read more

EDHEC publishes report on Hedge Fund Performance in 2006
Mar 05/07
EDHEC has produced an analysis of Hedge Fund Performance during 2006. The report, entitled, "Hedge Fund Performance in 2006: a Vintage Year for Hedge Funds?", by Véronique Le Sourd, Senior Research Engineer at ...Read more

CalPERS adds $1 billion to its bet on hedge funds
Mar 05/07
The California Public Employees' Retirement System is planning to boost its investment in hedge funds by more than $1 billion -- as long as it can be done without excessive risk. The pension fund has $4.3 billion in hedge ...Read more

Global market chaos, but at least one man made a killing
Mar 02/07
One might think that capsizing a $130bn (£66bn) hedge fund and almost triggering the collapse of global financial markets might end even the most bombastic of Wall Street careers. Not so for John Meriweth...Read more

Hedge fund trend watch: FoFs swelled to $500bn in 2006, average fund size now $178m
Feb 28/07
The latest edition of the Eurekahedge Global Fund of Hedge Funds Directory estimates the total size of the fund of funds universe at US$500bn as of end-2006, up 35 per cent from their end-2005 estimate, and accounting for ...Read more

Canadian Pension Assets Top $1 Trillion
Feb 28/07
Assets under management by Canadian pension funds topped the $1 trillion mark for the first time in 2006 thanks in large part to the recent strong performance of domestic and global equity markets.The results of Greenwich Associat...Read more

Hedge Funds Grow Like Kudzu
Feb 27/07
Study finds single-manager funds climb 69 percent, harness $1.4 trillion in assets.Hedge funds seem to be everywhere lately—shifting assets into venture capital, capturing headlines, growing assets.Now a study points to a reason...Read more

Hedge funds snap up ABN Amro shares
Feb 27/07
Several hedge funds are amassing stakes in ABN Amro, chief executive Rijkman Groenink admitted yesterday, as speculation increases that the Dutch bank will be subject to a takeover attempt. The funds are thought to have t...Read more

Study Shows 61 Percent Increase in Hedge Funds and Fund of Funds
Feb 27/07
PerTrac Financial Solutions (PerTrac) yesterday announced the aggregate results of the 2006 PerTrac Hedge Fund Database Study, revealing that there was a 61% increase in hedge funds and funds of hedge funds in hedge fund data...Read more

Credit Suisse hedges bet for bumper 2007
Feb 27/07
Hedge funds poised for record year, say analystsCredit Suisse is hedging its bets for another record year for the global hedge fund industy.   <!-- if (!document.phpAds_used) document.phpAds_used = ','; ...Read more

Hedge Fund Copycats Catch Mutual Fund Buyers as Returns Dwindle
Feb 26/07
 Feb. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Just when mutual funds are about to peddle the closest thing to hedge funds to individuals, the returns of these exclusive investments for millionaires are drying up. Hedge fund...Read more

Hedge Funds at the Oscars
Feb 24/07
On Sunday, many movie fans will sit through the broadcast of the Academy Awards in hopes of winning a few dollars in their office Oscar pools. There are likely to be a few hedge fund managers tuned in as well, banking on...Read more

Hedge Funds Get Favored Treatment
Feb 22/07
Suspicions have been confirmed: When institutional investment advisers offer both mutual funds and hedge funds, the latter usually get choice treatment. That is one of the findings of a study titled, For Better or Worse? Mutual...Read more

Oy, Canada: Tough Times Ahead For Hedge Funds
Feb 22/07
Canada is turning over a new leaf when it comes to regulating hedge funds. Responding to a report last fall by the Investment Dealers Association of Canada, which came up with 65 regulations for the HF industry, the Canadian Secur...Read more

A hedge fund, by any other name ...
Feb 22/07
...would still set off alarm bells among detractors. But there's no denying their benefits when used wisely, reports DALE JACKSONIt seems hedge funds are replacing terrorism as a threat to global security. Finance ministers from t...Read more

Forget what you've heard -- they're not just for high rollers
Feb 22/07
Despite their reputation, hedge funds were actually designed to help reduce portfolio risk, TONY MARTIN writesSpecial to The Globe and MailHedge funds are the Angelina Jolie of the buttoned-down world of Canadian investing: headst...Read more

U.S. Says Hedge Fund Regulation Is `Working Well' (Update2)
Feb 22/07
 Feb. 22 (Bloomberg) -- A U.S. presidential panel said the current system of hedge-fund regulation is ``working well'' and market discipline remains the best way to protect investors and guard against risks to the financia...Read more

Passive hedge fund investing in vogue
Feb 21/07
The Credit Suisse/Tremont Hedge Fund Index Tracker Fund attracted an impressive US$5 billion of investor money in the past two years, proof that more investors want hedge fund performance but at "index" fees. “While t...Read more

CSA Plans to Boost Oversight of Hedge Fund Managers (Update2)
Feb 21/07
 Feb. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Canada plans to force hedge fund managers to register with regulators and pass tests to prove their proficiency, in a bid to prevent fund collapses like that of Portus Alternative Asset Management...Read more

Regulators propose changes to registration - Investment fund managers would be required to register
Feb 21/07
The Canadian Securities Administrators is seeking comments on a proposed overhaul of the registration regime.Under the proposed rule, the registration regime would undergo some significant changes, including: introducing the c...Read more

200 have filed comments on SEC hedge fund plan
Feb 20/07
WASHINGTON — The SEC’s efforts to protect hedge fund investors have stirred up free-market enthusiasts, who are making it clear they don’t want the government limiting their investment options. With about 200 comments already...Read more

US presidential hopeful Obama targets hedge funds with tax haven bill
Feb 20/07
Senator Barack Obama, who has launched a campaign to become the first black US president, has thrown his backing behind a bill that would require hedge funds to establish anti-money laundering programmes under the supervision of...Read more

New Edhec paper examines hedge funds' operational risks
Feb 20/07
A new research paper from the asset and risk management research centre of French business school Edhec looks at how to quantify the operational risks that can result in hedge fund failures. In a working paper entitled Quantific...Read more

Hedge fund advisory firm expands in London
Feb 19/07
IGS Group, the hedge fund advisory firm launched a year ago by former HFR Asset Management Europe head John Godden, has hired two senior alternative investment professionals to drive forward key areas of its business.The firm says...Read more

SEC vs. hedge funds: Anger management
Feb 19/07
Readers reach for the pitchforks and torches over the proposals for widening investor regulations.(Fortune) -- Are investors mad at the SEC - or are hedge funds mad at the SEC?That's the question raised by several readers about ...Read more

Man doing what it can to prove its hedge note not like the others
Feb 19/07
Psst! Wanna buy a hedge fund note?Since 2005, that product pitch may have been met with a slamming door. The well-publicized scandals at Portus Alternative Asset Management Inc. and Norshield Asset Management (Canada) Ltd. decimat...Read more

Hedge funds likely to get more transparent
Feb 18/07
KEY BISCAYNE, Fla. - Investors are giving hedge funds' risk-management practices much more scrutiny than they did in the past, and hedge fund managers as a result are facing some difficult decisions in determining how much they wa...Read more

Top investor slams hedge fund fees
Feb 18/07
ONE of the world’s largest investors has slammed hedge funds for excessive charges in a move that could spark a reassessment of fees in the high-rolling sector. Russell Read, chief investment officer of the $232 billio...Read more

Bernanke defends hedge funds
Feb 16/07
Ben Bernanke, chairman of the US federal reserve, has warned US congressmen against overregulation of the hedge fund industry, saying it could lead to a stifling of financial innovation. Bernanke told the Senate banking committ...Read more

Norbourg founder blames Caisse
Feb 16/07
Allegations by Lacroix “completely false”, Caisse says.The founder of failed mutual fund company Norbourg Asset Management Inc. has alleged that dubious activities by employees at the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec were am...Read more

Red Kite Fund Says Withdrawals Are `Insignificant'
Feb 16/07
(Bloomberg) -- RK Capital Management LLP said requests from investors to withdraw cash from its hedge fund, Red Kite Metals Ltd., were ``insignificant'' following losses last month. ``We are pleased to report that our investor bas...Read more

Banco Bilbao Buys U.S. Bank Compass for $9.6 Billion
Feb 16/07
(Bloomberg) -- Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA, Spain's second-biggest bank, agreed to buy Compass Bancshares Inc. for $9.6 billion to add more than 400 branches in six southern U.S. states. Investors in Birmingham, Alabama-bas...Read more

Eurekahedge and AlternativeSoft announce partnership
Feb 15/07
Eurekahedge and AlternativeSoft are pleased to announce they have entered into a partnership to make databases supplied by Eurekahedge, the leading hedge fund data company, available through the software platform of AlternativeSof...Read more

Sarkozy to push for tax on hedge funds
Feb 15/07
Nicolas Sarkozy will push for a European tax on "speculative movements" by financial groups, such as hedge funds, if he wins this year's French presidential elections.The centre-right candidate to replace Jacques Chirac ...Read more

Blog - Investing Notes - Hedge Funds Versus Mutual Funds
Feb 15/07
How are hedge funds like, and not like, mutual funds? How is the hedge fund industry likely to evolve? In his February 2007 paper entitled "Hedge Funds: Past, Present and Future", René...Read more

New CSFB/Tremont Hedge Fund Index Research on Hedge Fund Indices
Feb 15/07
Media Release   New Credit Suisse/Tremont Hedge Fund Index Research Reveals that hedge funds indices are not directly comparable to their traditional counterpart   New York, February 13, 2007...Read more

SEC clears Biovail target - Recommends no action to be taken against Gradient in research scandal
Feb 15/07
One of the prime targets of Biovail Corp.'s $4.6-billion (U.S.) lawsuit over an alleged Wall Street conspiracy to drive down its stock price has been cleared of any securities wrongdoing by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Co...Read more

Bernanke Wary Of Hedge Fund Regs
Feb 15/07
In the wake of last weekend’s G7 finance ministers meeting that broached the subject of hedge fund oversight and regulation, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is throwing his weight squarely behind the reguskeptics.Bernanke ye...Read more

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