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Hedge funds endure woeful August - HFR
Sep 12/11
Hedge funds suffered the worst monthly declines last month since May 2010 with the HFRI Fund Weighted Composite Index falling 2.3%, according to data from the Chicago-based Hedge Fund Research (HFR). Several high profi...Read more

Hedge funds see red this year after brutal August
Sep 09/11
U.S. hedge funds in August suffered their worst month in more than a year, new industry data shows. Volatility on Wall Street in August resulted in an average 2.32 percent decline for U.S. hedge funds, said Hedge Fund Res...Read more

Investors still back hedge funds, says Citi's global cap intro head
Sep 09/11
Investors continue to have faith in hedge funds despite the volatile markets and some high-profile poor performances, the global head of capital introductions at Citi has said. Hedge funds have had a poor year so far with ...Read more

Some Hedge Funds, to Stay Nimble, Reject New Investors
Sep 08/11
Since the financial crisis, big hedge funds like Paulson & Company, Millennium Management and Och-Ziff Capital Management Group have not turned away money, eagerly collecting billions of dollars from investors who have ...Read more

Does it matter where a fund domiciled?
Sep 08/11
New Page 2 The fund industry is one of the benefactors of an increasingly globalised world. If you take the example of a UCITS fund: it can have its domicile based in any European Union country; administrati...Read more

Equity hedgies sweat on returns after choppy summer
Sep 07/11
* Equity hedge funds down 14.4 pct, may miss out on performance fees * Managers keep hold of favoured stocks, hope for market rebound * Industry on track for second negative year in four * Macro funds profiting from ...Read more

Model-driven hedge funds among losers in SNB shock
Sep 07/11
Hedge funds, betting on global markets and driven by computer models, were among those hardest hit by Switzerland's shock intervention on Tuesday to reverse profitable bets on the Swiss franc's "safe-haven" stat...Read more

In Euro Zone, Banking Fear Feeds on Itself
Sep 07/11
Remember the collapse of Lehman Brothers? Europeans certainly do. As Europe struggles to contain its government debt crisis, the greatest fear is that one of the Continent’s major banks may fail, setting off a financial ...Read more

Hedge funds express greater interest in disaster recovery systems post-quake and hurricane
Sep 06/11
There has been renewed interest from hedge funds in disaster recovery systems following the onslaught of Hurricane Irene and the magnitude 5.8 earthquake on the US’s east coast, according to technology provider Eze Castle. ...Read more

August slump for leading hedge funds
Sep 06/11
MANY of the best-known names in hedge funds suffered in August despite the slump in financial stocks that helped them make gains during the banking crisis.SAC Capital Advisors, Third Point Offshore Fund ...Read more

Fund Managers Bullish on Stocks in Q3: HSBC
Sep 06/11
Global fund managers are bullish on stocks for the third quarter, as the turmoil in financial markets offers investors “attractive buying opportunities,” according to a HSBC Holdings Plc (5) survey. A survey of 12 investm...Read more

Institutional investors opting for emerging managers as established funds stutter
Sep 06/11
Institutional investors are increasingly shunning established hedge fund managers following a series of lacklustre performances in favour of their smaller counterparts, according to a leading fund of hedge funds (FoHF). Th...Read more

Formerly bankrupt companies become M&A targets
Sep 02/11
Hundreds of businesses crawling out of bankruptcy in the hands of hedge funds and other financial owners are hanging the "for sale" sign on their doors. Distressed debt investors such as Paulson & Co, Avenue C...Read more

Pensions using hedge funds don't always know risks: GAO
Sep 01/11
More and more U.S. pension plans are investing in hedge funds, even though the plans' administrators struggle to understand what is in the funds or their true exposure to risk, a federal auditor said on Wednesday. As comp...Read more

Hedge funds face major challenges over Form PF
Sep 01/11
Hedge funds may face significant operational hurdles in complying with the upcoming Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Form PF reporting requirements, a leading consultant has warned. “Funds should not wait on this ...Read more

Sino-Forest Insiders Sold C$81 Million Shares in Four Years
Aug 31/11
Former Sino-Forest Corp. (TRE) Chief Executive Officer Allen Chan and other insiders sold C$81 million ($83 million) of shares since the end of 2006, according to regulatory filings. Chan, who stepped down Aug. 28 after ...Read more

Hedge Fund Economist on Europe’s Economic Woes
Aug 31/11
A longtime economist in the hedge fund industry thinks a “cathartic event” could force a quicker recovery in the European economy. Constance Hunter, chief economist at Connecticut hedge fund Aladdin Capital Management, in ...Read more

Product launched to help hedge funds perform stress tests on banks
Aug 31/11
A New York-based consultancy has launched a service to help hedge funds perform stress tests on banks. The Invictus Consulting Group’s offering will provide hedge funds with reports determining whether a bank stock is over...Read more

Short-Seller Block Regrets Investors Bought Sino-Forest After 89% Retreat
Aug 30/11
Carson Block, the short seller who recommended betting against Sino-Forest Corp. (TRE) before it plunged as much as 89 percent, said it’s regrettable some investors were lured into buying the company’s shares following the ...Read more

Liquidity strength in CTAs
Aug 30/11
Global hedge fund of fund investment firm, Financial Risk Management, finds liquidity and diversity in CTAs with volatility support in current alternative markets.Financial Risk Management (FRM) has introduced week...Read more

Stop the High Frequency Game: Bring Back the Uptick Rule
Aug 30/11
When the Dow crashed 514 points on August 8, the market lost a staggering $850 billion in market capitalization. High frequency traders were possibly responsible for half of this move, but generated a mere $65 million in profi...Read more

Hedge Funds Boost Bullish Agriculture Bets as Corn, Soy Yields May Slump
Aug 29/11
Speculators increased bullish bets on agricultural commodities to the highest level since early May after adverse weather eroded yield prospects for corn and soybean crops in the U.S., the world’s top grower and exporter. He...Read more

Buffett move may rescue August for some hedge funds
Aug 26/11
* Hedge fund losses largely tied to financial stocks * Despite declines, investors in no hurry to exit By Svea Herbst-Bayliss BOSTON, Aug 25 (Reuters) - August was shaping up as one of the worst months ever for som...Read more

Will Apple Remain a Hedge Fund Favorite?
Aug 26/11
Apple is a fan favorite. Many hedge fund managers count the technology giant among their top stocks. David Tepper of Appaloosa Management recently took a stake, according to Bloomberg data. Tiger Global Management increased i...Read more

Emerging market hedge funds see assets rise
Aug 26/11
Capital invested in emerging market-focused hedge funds increased by $1.4 billion during the second quarter of 2011 bringing total assets to a new record of $123 billion, according to data from the Chicago-based Hedge Fund Res...Read more

"Black box" hedge funds profit in volatile markets
Aug 25/11
Hedge funds run by sophisticated computer programs are profiting from large falls in stock markets and a rocketing gold price this month, even as funds managed by human beings struggle to cope with high market volatility....Read more

Hedge fund net flows will hold up much better if we see another 2008 type market decline
Aug 25/11
After the market decline of 2008, the hedge fund industry experienced a significant contraction that was driven by negative performance, heavy redemptions and almost a complete seizing of inflows. The major question running ...Read more

S&P president steps down after political backlash
Aug 24/11
Standard & Poor’s was accused of being influenced by the political backlash over its downgrade of America’s credit rating, after it announced the departure of its president. The ratings agency, which is owned by US-li...Read more

Guest Commentary: If We Are To Recess Again, This Is How It Starts
Aug 24/11
By: Thomas Lott President, Potomac Portfolios, LLC Disorderly Markets: Cause and Effect As politics in the US and in Europe complicate solutions, for the markets the math is relatively straightforward. Raising sovereign debts...Read more

Dow Jones Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Index outperforms equity benchmarks...
Aug 23/11
Dow Jones Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Index outperforms equity benchmarks by more than two percentage points in July The Dow Jones Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Index finished up 0.69% in July compared to a loss of more than 2% for the...Read more

Hedge Funds Buying Corn to Silver to Soy After Commodities Futures Decline
Aug 22/11
The rout that drove commodities to a nine-month low is proving irresistible to speculators anticipating that even slowing economic growth will cause shortages of raw materials. Oil has risen 8 percent since plunging 25 perce...Read more

Investors using ETPs more for risk management
Aug 22/11
Stomach-turning global volatility has bolstered demand for certain alternative exchange-traded products used by institutions to hedge their portfolios or make directional bets quickly in order to profit from market instabili...Read more

Hedge Funds Most Bearish Since 2009
Aug 19/11
Bets global stocks will fall have surged at hedge funds to the highest level since July 2009 as the economic slowdown and European debt crisis spur the biggest losses in almost three years. An index of hedge fund assets fro...Read more

Investors back hedge funds amid turbulence
Aug 19/11
* Forward redemption index 2.71 pct vs 2.08 pct in July * Third lowest reading this year * Hedge funds lose money this year but outperform stocks LONDON, Aug 18 (Reuters) - Investors are largely sticking with hedge ...Read more

Canadian hedge funds do their job in July
Aug 18/11
Canadian hedge funds did their job in July, producing positive returns even when broader stock markets were falling. The Scotia Capital Canadian Hedge Fund Performance Index rose 3.29 per cent, when calculated on a basi...Read more

CIBC levels the playing field for equity investors...
Aug 18/11
CIBC levels the playing field for equity investors with next-generation trading platform combining speed with built-in risk controls TORONTO, August 18,  2011 – CIBC has unveiled a groundbreaking sm...Read more

Investors hedge their bets on America's biggest banks
Aug 17/11
Two hedge funds that made billions predicting the financial crisis have taken opposing bets on Americas biggest banks Paulson & Co, the New York-based fund which made $15bn betting against the US housing market in 2008...Read more

Hedge fund group spent $1 million lobbying in 2Q
Aug 17/11
WASHINGTON -- A trade group representing hedge funds spent more than $1 million in the second quarter lobbying federal officials on new regulations that will expand disclosure requirements for the funds. The $1.03 million tha...Read more

FrontFour Capital Corp. Announces New Listing on the FundSERV Network
Aug 17/11
Vancouver, B.C – August 16, 2011 – FrontFour Capital Corp. (“FFCC”) is pleased to announce that the recently launchedFrontFour Opportunity Fund is now listed on the FundSERV Inc. network under the symbol “FCC”. FFCC was co&#...Read more

Are European regulators pushing offshore funds onshore?
Aug 16/11
Before the global financial crisis in 2008 and the ensuing paradigm shift – about what is safe and unsafe in financial markets – offshore domiciles ruled the roost in alternatives and hedge funds. Traditional offshore ju...Read more

Hedge funds make wrong calls on market mayhem
Aug 15/11
Europe's bans on short selling cast hedge funds in their usual role as shadowy bogeymen, profiting from the misfortunes of others, but some of the world's biggest funds have taken a bath amid the wreckage, it has emerged. T...Read more

Asian hedgies make small gains in July
Aug 12/11
2011 continues to be a tough year for hedge funds globally, with Hedge Fund Research’s Composite Index reporting modest gain of +0.76 per cent to leave the sector up just 1.55 per cent YTD. Not exactly the diversified alpha cl...Read more

Hedge funds stick with bank bets despite rout
Aug 12/11
* Managers say bank fundamentals still strong * Lansdowne, Paulson, Odey funds suffer losses * Shorts on select French banks up; UK banks steady -data * Most managers steer clear of shorting banks LONDON, Aug 11 (Re...Read more

Thursday Look Ahead: No Shocker, More Volatility Ahead
Aug 11/11
The forecast on Wall Street is for more dizzying volatility Thursday. For the time being, equities are likely to stay vulnerable to high speed moves and wide swings. Already this week, the Dow has lost 6.3 percent, despite ...Read more

A choice between risk and return? - Lipper
Aug 11/11
Hedge funds have delivered decent risk-return results over the past ten years. And as transparency and liquidity increased post-credit crisis, they have regained their appeal as providers of absolute return opportunities for...Read more

Hennessee: Hedge Funds Protect Capital as Markets Decline
Aug 11/11
New York ( – The Hennessee Hedge Fund Index has declined -0.25% in July (+1.41% YTD), while the S&P 500 declined -2.15% (+2.75% YTD), the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell -2.18% (+4.89% YTD), and the NASDAQ Co...Read more

Investors back hedges to navigate crisis
Aug 10/11
Investors in hedge funds bucked the trend for shedding risk last month and parked fresh money with managers they back to profit in the global debt crisis, data from GlobeOp Financial Services (GO.L) showed on Tuesday. N...Read more

August sell-off hits big hedge fund names hard
Aug 10/11
Sell-off is making losers out of long-time winners * Investors putting in redemptions in case slide deepens BOSTON/NEW YORK, Aug 9 (Reuters) - August is not even two weeks old and for top hedge fund traders like Steven C...Read more

Hedge funds feel the pain as losses set to deepen
Aug 09/11
* Losses to be deep but not like seen in 2008 * Most strategies affected by sell-off * Investors putting in redemption notices as precaution BOSTON, Aug 8 (Reuters) - Hedge funds, considered the stalwarts of the ...Read more

HFRI Fund Weighted Composite Index up 0.76% in July
Aug 09/11
Equity markets extended declines in July as investors exhibited concern with regard to both the extension of the US debt limit and continuing concerns about European sovereign debt risk. US fixed income yields fell and gold ...Read more

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