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Date: Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Author: AIMA

London 28th June 2006. These are the words that AIMA, the global trade association for hedge funds, has used to describe the FSA’s comments on hedge fund regulation in its Annual Report, published yesterday.



In the Report, FSA Chief Executive John Tiner said, “We have been careful to be proportionate in our regulation of hedge fund managers, bearing in mind the highly mobile nature of the business and their ability to trade into the UK from overseas”.  He also notes the FSA’s increased focus on particular aspects such as market conduct, the determination of market values for certain financial instruments and the use of side letters.


AIMA welcomes the way that the FSA has recognised the global nature of the hedge fund industry and how it has worked and continues to do so with AIMA and industry practitioners to increase its access to information and understanding.


Commenting on the FSA’s Report, Florence Lombard, Executive Director of AIMA said, “The FSA is one of the leading global regulators and has always taken a pragmatic approach to hedge fund regulation. It offers a good example of how regulators have worked with the industry. More than 75% of the European hedge fund and related industries are based in the UK.  An appropriate regulatory environment is one of the key reasons to their continued presence here”.


She added: “AIMA has acknowledged the concerns of the FSA and is well into the second phase of its work on hedge fund asset pricing which will be released in later in the year  Similarly, the industry had already identified side letters as another area in which positive changes could be made and a working group will be seeking clarification from FSA on its concerns”.



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