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Survey of Allocators' Investment Trends 2013

Date: Thursday, January 31, 2013
Author: Press Release

New York; Carl Berg, managing partner of Catalyst Financial Partners, in collaboration with Susan Weerts, contributor at Seekingalpha, published The Survey of Allocatorsí Investment Trends. The report explores the trends within the hedge fund industry and assesses how compelling hedge funds are across different financial products.


Based on feedback from over 50 allocators, the report shows that in 2013, an allocator is ready and willing to invest with an institutional quality hedge fund if it is providing portfolio benefits, decent - but not necessarily top - performance, at attractive fee levels and terms.


If those criteria are not fulfilled, allocators may look at substitutes, notably Private Equity, ETFs and mutual funds, or Direct investments.

Conversely, allocators are thus less and less likely to invest into funds that have unconvincing performance or style drift, small hedge funds lacking an institutional framework, or funds (of any size) that refuse to review fees.


Going into 2013, L/S Equity looks like the preferred allocation destination within the hedge fund space, followed by Emerging Markets and Credit & Fixed Income. Carl Berg and Susan Weerts argue that this signals a return to more risky assets, as Emerging Markets have particularly been out of favor the last 12-15 months.


To obtain a full copy of The Survey of Allocatorsí Investment Trends visit www.catalystforum.com.


About the Authors

Carl Berg runs Catalyst Financial Partners, a specialist investor events firm for the alternative investing industry. The firm links alternative investment managers and investors together through investor events. He also works with selected alternative investment firms in a capital raising capacity.

Susan Weerts is a contributing writer to Seekingalpha.com since 2009. Current research areas are strategic trading games on ETF and its underlying index, market-neutral L/S strategy. She is also a consultant on China-related business.

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