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Spartan is pleased to announce the launch of the Teraz Fund

Date: Thursday, November 22, 2012
Author: News Release


Toronto, Ontario – October 3, 2012 – Spartan Fund Management Inc. is pleased to

announce the launch of the Teraz Fund. Teraz' objective is to provide investors with

long term capital growth by investing in a diversified portfolio of Canadian smalland

micro-cap companies.

The Fund invests utilizing 3 strategies: long positions in early stage companies run

by successful entrepreneurs, including start-ups, listed cash-rich shells and merger

and acquisition candidates; opportunistic investing, including deep value, arbitrage,

theme investing and technical trading; and short positions in companies with

suspected fraud, questionable management and over-promotion. Individual

positions are limited to 5% of the Fund, based on cost. No investments are made in

private companies and no leverage is used.

Teraz' Chief Analyst & Strategist is Mark Zaret. Since 2003 Mr. Zaret has been the

principal of Teraz Holdings Inc., a private investment company that trades equities

(long and short), options, currencies, futures, provides equity to start-ups and offers

financial consulting services to corporations. Mr. Zaret has traded successfully for

over 20 years, having achieved a long term growth rate of over 20% annualized. He

has developed his own proprietary databases and comprehensive approach to

investing. Mark is a graduate of The University of Western Ontario and York


More information about the Teraz Fund, including monthly reports, can be found on

Spartan’s web site: www.spartanfunds.ca


Spartan Fund Management Inc. is a Toronto-based private wealth management

firm advising a number of private funds on behalf of high net worth and institutional

clients. Spartan aims to attract the most talented investment managers and analysts

from a variety of backgrounds - typically institutional money managers or proprietary

bank traders - that have proven expertise within a well defined investment strategy.

Spartan provides the operational and risk management infrastructure that enables our

investment professionals to focus on what they do best: optimize the balance between

risk and reward for clients. To find out more, please visit www.spartanfunds.ca.


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