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KCS launches Canadian Hedge Fund Indices

Date: Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Author: News Release

October 1, 2012 – Vancouver, Canada: KCS Fund Strategies Inc. (KCS) is pleased to announce that it will make its Canadian Hedge Fund Index and Sub-Indices available for use by investors, hedge fund managers, investment advisors and consultants.  Returns will be posted monthly, with an overview report provided quarterly. 
In the past decade the number of hedge funds in Canada has grown significantly and their performance as a group has been noteworthy.  With this growth and performance has come increased interest in Canadian hedge funds by institutional and private investors domestically and globally.  KCS has designed its Canadian Hedge Fund Index and strategy-specific Sub-Indices in order to facilitate effective analysis of Canadian hedge funds versus their peers.  KCS has been using these indices on behalf of its clients since 2008.
The KCS Canadian Hedge Fund Index and related Sub-Indices provide a comprehensive overview of the Canadian hedge fund universe. They are based on a database of monthly returns for over 300 distinct Canadian hedge funds.  The Index data starts in January, 2003.
Peter Klein, Advising Principal of KCS, comments as follows:  “We believe our broadly-based Index of Canadian hedge fund returns is an important addition to the various indices used for asset allocation and performance attribution by private and institutional investors.  Our Sub-Indices will allow strategy-specific comparisons that will greatly enhance analysis of the merits of individual managers within each sector.  We are pleased to provide this service in support of the Canadian hedge fund industry.”
Performance data, along with information on the methodology for the KCS Canadian Hedge Fund Indices, will be available from the KCS website, www.kcsfunds.com.
The estimated returns for August, 2012 are as follows:
Canadian Hedge Fund Index                                                                           +0.95%
Sub-Indices:                Multistrategy                                                                +0.37%
                                   Equity Market Neutral                                                   +0.19%
                                   Fixed Income                                                                +0.87%
                                   Event Driven                                                                +1.25%
                                   Equity Long/Short                                                        +1.62%
                                   Global Macro                                                                -0.43%
                                   Managed Futures                                                         -1.46%
About KCS Fund Strategies Inc. – Founded in 2004, KCS is an investment consulting and asset management firm which specializes in Canadian alternative investments.  In 2009 KCS won the AIMA Canada Hillsdale Research Award with an analysis of the returns of Canadian hedge funds.  This research highlights the attractive risk and return characteristics of Canadian hedge funds versus their global peers as well as the favourable investment, business and regulatory environment in Canada compared to other jurisdictions.     
Our team has extensive experience in hedge fund and alternative investment analysis and portfolio management, derivatives pricing and trading, investment banking, and mergers and acquisitions. We have deep academic ties and are regularly sought after by institutional investors, industry associations and regulators as experts in our fields.
For more information on KCS or the KCS Canadian Hedge Fund Indices please email info@kcsfunds.com or call 604-569-6892. 

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