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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

In Defence Of Hedge Funds

Date: Tuesday, March 6, 2012
Author: Brian Bollen's Blog

The latest edition (Q1 2012) of the AIMA Journal is now available. 

This issue contains: 

  • Address from Andrew Baker: “In defence of hedge funds: institutional investors are giving a vote of confidence”
  • Government & Regulatory Affairs Developments
  • How do the Proposed FATCA Regulations Impact Alternative Investment Managers?

By Oscar Teunissen, Rebecca E. Lee, Dominick Dell’Imperio, Steve Nauheim and Rebecca McGerty, PwC

  • Taking the best route offshore

By Ingrid Pierce, Partner, Walkers

  • SFC gets tough on Takeovers Code disclosures

By Greg Heaton, Partner, Deacons

  • A Year of Opportunity

By Adam Wallace, Head of Alternative Investment Services, Asia Pacific, JP Morgan Worldwide Securities Services

  • The UK Reporting Fund Regime

By Tim Levett, Consultant, and Marie Barber, Member, Kinetic Partners LLP

  • Irish China A Funds — Some Key Elements to Consider

By Stephen Carty, Partner, Maples and Calder (Dublin office) 

  • The Top Five Things Every Buyside Firm Should Know About Recovery and Resolution Plans

By Michael Beaton, Managing Director, Document Risk Solutions Ltd

  • Emerging Hedge Fund Managers: Brighter Outlook for 2012

By John McCann, Managing Director of Trinity Fund Administration Limited

  • FX Options Update

By CME Group

  • Thank you to our Sponsoring Members and Global Partners
  • Members of AIMA who joined during Q4 2011
  • RCA News

Download here.