Global Composite Hedge Fund Indewx Lowest Since 1998

Date: Monday, July 11, 2011
Author: Alex Akesson, HedgeCo.Net

New York ( – June has been a difficult month for hedge funds all across the board, with most strategies suffering a loss, according to the latest performance data from HedgeFund Intelligence.

Hedge funds were down 1.27%1 in June, ending the second quarter with negative returns of 1.06%. Most hedge fund strategies suffered a loss, with UCITS funds taking the worst hit. Swedish news reported that the European Equity Nordic is down 1.10% this month and 0.12% YTD.

However, hedge funds still outperformed the underlying markets, as the MSCI World Index declined by 1.88%2 during the month and was down 1.77% for 2Q 2011.

Some highlights include:

  • U.S. hedge funds are down -0.90% for the month of June, with 1.79% YTD, according to AR magazine.
  • European hedge funds are down -1.17% for the month of June, levelling the YTD total at 0.01% according to EuroHedge.
  • UCITS hedge funds suffered loses both in July and YTD. -0.87% and -0.23%, respectively.
  • Funds of Fund are down -0.62% and 0.39% YTD.
  • Managed futures funds fell the most of the global composite indices, dropping 1.90%.

With its 0.95% drop, this is the worst June performance for the Global Composite since HedgeFund Intelligence began collecting performance data in 1998 (it’s the worst month overall for the Composite since May 2010, when the index fell 2.12%). The Global Managed Futures Index was down 2.21% for the year, making this its worst first half since 1998.

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