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GMP Investment Management L.P. Announces Launch of GMPIM Equity Opportunities Fund

Date: Thursday, February 3, 2011
Author: Marketwire

TORONTO, ONTARIO- GMP Investment Management L.P. ("GMPIM") is pleased to announce the launch of the GMPIM Equity Opportunities Fund ("EOF").

The Equity Opportunities Fund is a long/short equity fund that focuses on the Canadian and U.S. investment universe. The EOF will adhere to GMPIM's overall investment goals, which are to preserve investors' capital, manage volatility and provide attractive returns. The Fund will implement five core strategies - with broad sector representation - able to take advantage of all market conditions. Portfolio Managers Keith McLean and Daniel McClure have over 30 years of combined capital markets experience and will manage the fund.

"The objective of the EOF is to generate superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term, by utilizing a proven and disciplined investment approach - our proprietary Cyclical and Quantitative Investment ("CQI") process," said Kevin Barnes, President. "Our CQI process is the key to identifying the best opportunities in a vast investment universe."

The same acumen, strategy and risk controls featured in the EOF have been core components of GMPIM's flagship fund, GMP Diversified Alpha Master Fund, which has a return, since inception, of 30.21%(i).

"In the EOF we offer investors a compelling equity investment opportunity: the skill and experience of Keith and Dan, an attractive return potential, a tax-efficient structure, weekly liquidity and the management of equity market volatility," added Barnes.

To learn more about GMPIM Equity Opportunities Fund - please visit www.gmpim.com.


GMP Investment Management L.P. ("GMPIM") is a Toronto-based asset management firm that strictly adheres to its proprietary strategies, systems and technologies, which have proven to deliver steady growth and managed volatility - a predictable investment for high-net-worth individuals and institutional clients. While the processes to generate GMPIM's consistent performance are complex, the benefits are simple: preservation of capital, low volatility, and optimal absolute returns over the long term. GMPIM currently manages in excess of $450 million in assets through its flagship fund, the GMP Diversified Alpha Master Fund, as well as the Canadian Asset Backed Commercial Paper Fund, the GMPIM Equity Opportunities Fund and the Genesis Partners Fund LP.

(i) April 1, 2008 to January 31, 2011. Fund returns are net of fees.

Not all investment strategies and products offered by GMP Investment Management L.P. are available to non-Canadian investors. Falsely certifying that you are a Canadian or Exempt Investor may result in GMP Investment Management L.P. being unable to provide services to you and/or you may be subject to legal or regulatory consequences.


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