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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

BluMont launches new series of BluMont Man-IP 220 notes

Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Author: www.investmentexecutive.com

BluMont Capital Corp. has launched its third series of the BluMont Man-IP 220 Notes, a multi-manager/multi-strategy investment product with a 100% principal repayment guarantee from Citibank Canada.

BluMont’s Canadian product launch is concurrent with Man Investments’ global launch of the Man-IP 220 Limited product in Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Australia.

Man Investments, a global leader in alternative investment solutions, manages over US$4.9 billion worldwide in the Man-IP 220 Limited series or similar funds.

In Canada, BluMont has raised over $155 million through its previous offerings of the BluMont Man-IP 220 Notes and over $430 million in all BluMont Man offerings since March 2003.

The Series 3 Notes, while structured specifically for the Canadian marketplace, are modeled upon the original Man-IP 220 Limited fund, which has an impressive eight-year track record of positive returns each year since its December 1996 inception. As of Oct. 31 2005, the Man-IP 220 Limited fund, which is not available to Canadian investors, has generated an impressive total return of 284.4% since inception (an annualized net return of 16.3%).

The Series 3 Notes provide investors access to the Man-Glenwood Portfolio, which specializes in fund-of-hedge funds, and the Man-AHL Diversified Programme, the world’s largest managed futures program.

In addition to a principal repayment feature provided by Citibank Canada that guarantees the return of an investor’s initial investment at maturity, the Series 3 Notes provide the potential for enhanced diversification and positive returns in both rising and falling markets.

The Series 3 Notes are 100% RSP eligible as Canadian content and are available to investors until March 22, 2006 for a minimum investment of $5,000.