Companies worldwide are looking to attract more investment from hedge funds and sovereign wealth funds and more are contemplating secondary stock listings in emerging markets, according to a Bank of New York Mellon survey.

The annual Global Trends in Investor Relations survey of nearly 400 companies from 47 countries revealed that 93% of companies met with hedge funds to discuss possible investment in 2010, compared to 89% in 2009; 47% met with sovereign wealth funds; and 22% are contemplating a secondary stock listing in high-growth markets like China and Hong Kong to attract investors there.

BNY Mellon spokesman Joe Ailinger said 2010 is the first year the survey has asked about sovereign wealth funds and secondary stock listings.

Survey respondents said major regions for investor opportunities over the next three years are North America (77%), Europe (70%) and Asia (48%).

Guy Gresham, head of BNY Mellon's global investor relations advisory group, said in a telephone interview that hedge funds remain “a force to be reckoned with” despite the hit they took during the credit crisis.

“Hedge funds have multiple approaches to investing; they are not all short-term focused,” he said.

Mr. Gresham said he was surprised nearly one in four companies was interested in secondary listings.

He said secondary listings are a form of promotion for companies in emerging markets where consumers are buying their products and where asset management in the emerging market countries themselves is maturing.