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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

SFCS Capital Brings Universa’s Black Swan to Canada

Date: Friday, October 15, 2010
Author: News Release

SFCS Capital is pleased to announce that it has developed investment products, which, among other things, provide access to the expertise of Universa Investments LP, an investment management firm founded by Mark W. Spitznagel and for which Nassim Taleb, author of The Black Swan, is the Senior Scientific Advisor. As a consequence of an anchor investment with Universa, SFCS Capital is able to take advantage of Universa’s unique expertise in managing left-tail risk for the portfolio (which is most prevalent during periods of extreme market stress) to offer eligible Canadian investors with investment opportunities that combine upside participation during periods of rising markets with true downside protection on their investment during market crashes and shocks.

“In a world where financial institutions, businesses and governments are inter-connected in ways that are often hard to measure much less ascertain, a large enough crisis will affect all assets and regions just like it did in 2008. Risk in the modern global context is viral and almost instantaneously transmittable from country to country. Portfolio diversification in this context is only part of the solution.” says Claude Bovet, CEO of SFCS Capital. “Because financial markets are often unstable and thus prone to unexpected large losses, we believe that a permanent protection against these “Black Swans” is critical to effective investment management. In this regard, we are extremely fortunate to be able to provide Canadians with access to the insights of Nassim Taleb, the father of the Black Swan philosophy, and the investment expertise of Mark Spitznagel”.

SFCS Capital is a boutique investment management firm uniquely focused on merging capital preservation with positive market returns in all investment environments by incorporating tail-risk protection strategies. SFCS Capital, an affiliate of Swiss Financial & Consulting Services SA, a Geneva-based family office, provides fund management services to accredited investors in Canada through SFCS Capital (Canada) Corp, with head office in Vancouver and a newly-opened office in Toronto, and for other investors through SFCS Capital Ltd based in the Cayman Islands.

SFCS Capital (Canada) Corp recently announced the appointment of Dwayne Dreger to head its expansion strategy in Canada from its new Toronto office. Dreger, a 20 year financial industry veteran, will be responsible for increasing the visibility of the firm’s products across Canada as well as growing its client base, managing its corporate profile and overseeing the Toronto office.

“We are delighted to have been able to attract a recognized business development veteran such as Dwayne Dreger to help us grow our presence in Canada. Dwayne will be instrumental in taking our unique products to the next level of visibility across Canada” says Mr. Bovet.

For more information on SFCS Capital, please contact Dwayne Dreger on (416) 646-7329 and visit: www.sfcscapital.com