Date: Thursday, July 29, 2010
Author: Press Release

Vancouver (July 20, 2010) – Lions Capital Corp. announced today that it has acquired a majority interest in Vistra Capital Management Ltd., fund manager of the Vistra Fund, and has renamed the company Lions Investment Management Ltd. Travis Dowle, founder of Vistra Capital, has retained a material equity interest in Lions Investment Management and will continue as President and Fund Manager of the company. The Vistra Fund has been renamed Lions Diversified Strategies Fund.

Mr. Dowle will continue to be the fund manager of Lions Diversified Strategies Fund. The fund will maintain its objective of delivering superior risk-adjusted returns through multiple market cycles while offering strong diversification benefits when combined with traditional investment funds. Lions Diversified Strategies Fund employs a flexible investment approach focused on event driven opportunities and special situations. Since inception on July 1, 2009, the Lions Diversified Strategies Fund has returned 11.0% versus 8.9% by the S&P TSX Composite, with considerably less risk as evidenced by a beta of 0.44. The fund primarily invests in small and mid capitalization companies and places an emphasis on fundamentals and the identification of company-specific catalysts. Liquidity is available monthly.
Mr. Dowle was previously Vice President, Investments with Gibralt Capital and Second City Capital, and prior to that was a Portfolio Manager with HSBC Asset Management where he was responsible for managing over $500 million of client assets and built a track-record of outperformance. Mr. Dowle is a CFA Charterholder and has 14 years of investment experience.

Lions Capital will combine its business development and operational expertise with the investment track record of Mr. Dowle to create an independent Vancouver-based fund management firm. Pursuant to the acquisition, Frank Holler has been appointed Executive Chairman, Tanner Philp has been appointed Chief Executive Officer, and Ray Matthews has been appointed Vice President, Sales of Lions Investment Management. Mr. Holler, Mr. Philp and Mr. Matthews will continue to operate in their existing capacities at Lions Capital and to provide leadership and support for existing funds managed by Lions Capital. Lions Investment Management will operate as a subsidiary of Lions Capital.

“We are excited to be working with an investment professional of Travis’ calibre. His track record is impressive and we believe that the investment strategies employed by Lions Diversified Strategies Fund will add considerable value to our investors with lower than market risk,” said Mr. Philp.

“Aligning with a partner that has deep experience in business development and operations will enable me to focus on continuing to build on the strong track record of the Lions Diversified Strategies Fund,” said Mr. Dowle. “We expect continued stock market volatility and believe that investors should seek to add exposure to investment funds that use alternative strategies to generate returns and diversify their portfolios.”

For additional information please contact Tanner Philp at 604-688-6877, extension 13 or via email at, or Travis Dowle at 604-688-6877 extension 25 or via email at

About Lions Diversified Strategies Fund
The objective of Lions Diversified Strategies Fund is to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns through multiple market cycles. When combined with a traditional investment portfolio, Lions Diversified Strategies Fund aims to provide additional non-correlated return potential and diversification benefits. The fund is unique from traditional funds due to its focus on event driven opportunities and special situations.

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