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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Zachary Karabell's River Twice Capital launches flagship hedge fund

Date: Monday, June 21, 2010
Author: Hedgetracker.com

River Twice Capital Advisors LLC launched its flagship hedge fund, the River Twice Fund, this month with $8.4 million in assets under management. The new hedge fund management firm was founded by Zachary Karabell earlier this year. Prior to founding River Twice Capital, Karabell was an executive vice president, Chief Economist and head of marketing at Fred Alger Management, a growth investment styled focused manager of mutual funds and institutional accounts with more than $12 billion in assets under management. While at Fred Alger, he also co-managed the firmís China-U.S. Growth Fund and analyzed economic, political and social trends in order to identify new investment opportunities.

The River Twice Fund invests globally using a long/short equity strategy. The firmís investment team uses bottom-up fundamental research to analyze investment opportunities.

While at Fred Alger, Karabell also helped launch the Spectra Green Fund, which screened investment opportunities using both financial and sustainability metrics. It is not clear whether River Twice Capital will employ any sustainability analyses as part of their fundamental research process.

Zachary Karabell is also the founder and President of River Twice Research, which analyzes economic and political trends. He is currently a Milken Institute fellow and a senior adviser for Business for Social Responsibility, which develops sustainable business strategies. Karabell is the author of several books, including Superfusion: How China and America Became One Economy and Why the World's Prosperity Depends on It, which was published last year.