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Monday, June 27, 2022

Online resource explains alternative investments

Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Author: Advisor.ca

The Investor Education Fund has launched a new Focus On Investment Products section on its website to address what it sees as growing confusion regarding alternative investments.

The new feature site attempts to explain, in plain language, such products as hedge funds, income trusts, exchange-traded funds, labour funds and exempt market securities. A section on traditional investments explains mutual funds, stocks and bonds.

"More and more investors are asking us, both online and at our recently sponsored Investor Education Month seminars, about these alternative investment products," says Terri Williams, president of the Investor Education Fund. "They read about them in the news and hear about them from their advisors, so they are curious. Now they can turn to this new feature for objective, understandable information to help them do their homework."