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Friday, November 22, 2019

Top 10 hedge fund firms from Asia

Date: Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Author: Hedge Fund Manager

Below is the list of Asia’s top 10 hedge fund managers based on reported or estimated assets under management (AUM) as of March 31, 2007.

1. Sparx Group Co Ltd $6.7 billion. SPARX Group Co., Ltd., an independent Asia-based equity and credit asset management services and Asian fund financial specialist with offices in Tokyo Japan.
2. Value Partners Group $4.8 billion. Value Partners a Hong Kong based funds management firm specializing in Hong Kong/China equities.
3. Arisaig Partners $2.1 billion A Boutique… Arisaig Partners Asia are an independent investment management boutique. Core activity is investing in small and medium sized companies in Asia excluding Japan. Given our breadth of experience and research capability, we regard ourselves as amongst the leaders in this sector. In 2007 we launched a fund to invest in Africa and the Middle East.
4. Penta Investment Advisers $1.9 billion. PENTA INVESTMENT ADVISERS LIMITED. … Commodity Trading Advisors · Introducing Brokers · Futures Commission Merchants selects quality investment securities and continuously monitors the holdings, assets include mutual funds, U.S
5. Ward Ferry Management $1.8 billion. Ward Ferry Management Ltd. aim to develop constructive relationships with the management of the companies in which they invest.
6. Lapp Capital $1.4 billion
7. Tree Line Investment Management $1.3 billion. Tree Line has the group aims to achieve significant capital gains by identifying strong growth opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region for medium and long term investment.
8. Artradis Fund Management $1.2 billion. Artradis Fund Management an absolute return asset management company focused on delivering above average, risk adjusted returns in Asian markets.
9. Tantallon Capital $1.1 billion. Tantallon Capital is based in Singapore and is the advisory company to the Tantallon Fund, Tantallon BRIC Fund and Tantallon Smaller Companies Fund. The Tantallon Fund has both onshore and offshore investment structures for US & International investors via a Cayman LP and Cayman Island feeder fund.
10. Asuka Asset Management $1.0 billion. Work with risk management system, which team had developed for the Japanese market.