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Finsearch360°com - valuescope to launch public Beta

Date: Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Author: Value-scope.com

First Semantic Search Engine for Finance & Technology featuring Natural Language Processing

MUNICH, Germany, 26 October 2009 – valuescope GmbH, a specialist in semantic web business applications, today

announced the launch of its flagship Finsearch360°com which is the leading semantic search engine for finance

and technology. Finsearch360° is a vertical news aggregator leveraging the power of a sophisticated natural

language processing engine. It automatically screens thousands of renowned public and business relevant sources

on the web, helping professionals to turn loads of daily financial news into actionable pieces of information.

“Timely insights are the key to successfully operating in today’s banking world and its associated branches. On the

other hand, hours of manual research often end up in sheer information overload, whose processing is time

consuming and ineffective”, says Stefan Ki Bergler, Managing Director of valuescope. “This was our motivation to

develop this new generation search engine to support professionals in prospecting, competitive intelligence, and

media monitoring”. Geared towards financial institutions and technology vendors, Finsearch360° provides added

value for all hierarchy levels from the entrepreneur to the CxO. It is also widely received by consultants, analysts,

and head hunters in this field.

Finsearch360° will seamlessly replace Finsights (https://finsights.value-scope.com) which successfully debuted

earlier this year. “I am excited to announce that by the end of November a comprehensive Finsearch360° news

intelligence suite will be available, thus complementing the current pure search form”, reveals Markus Stiefel,

Head of Marketing and Sales at valuescope. “We listened closely to our customers and are working hard on an

improved usability, which will allow users to quickly personalize their daily news. Feedback fortifies that a single

point of intelligence, which consolidates several newsletter subscriptions and a couple of relevant industry portals

not only saves a significant amount of time, but takes the overall quality of information retrieval, especially for

finance professionals, to the next level.”

“valuescope’s mission is “Sales Intelligence to the People!” – For us, living up to this promise means that the new

offer will be targeted at the long tail and come as a so called “freemium” product, leaving the actual purchase

decision to be a no-brainer”, explains Markus Stiefel. “Free basic access and a highly competitive pricing to access

premium sources, content, and features will be of game changing impact for the entire web-based intelligence 2.0

industry.” While the existing providers of media monitoring solutions focus on corporate sales, with accordingly

high priced services, top players like LinkedIn® have successfully demonstrated that end consumer driven models

do scale in a B2B environment. With Finsearch360°, valuescope empowers professionals, once they are convinced

of the added value, to uncomplicatedly pay for it individually, without having to check with a decision maker first.


About valuescope

valuescope GmbH was founded in 2007 by long-time experienced serial entrepreneur Siegfried Lautenbacher. The

company is one of the pioneers of using semantic web technologies to mine online data and create market-driven

business applications. Proprietary natural language processing enables valuescope to automatically extract

informational essence from a large number of contextually relevant news sources in real-time. Originally in the

business of generating leads of high net worth individuals (HNWI) for wealth managers and luxury retailers,

valuescope solutions are tailored to serve the complex information needs of modern companies, therefore setting

the benchmark in semantic market intelligence across various industries, by turning raw news and a sheer amount

of data into actionable pieces of information for your business! valuescope GmbH is privately owned with its

headquarters in Munich, Germany, and branches in Los Angeles, California, in Cluj, Romania, and in Florianopolis,

Brazil. For more information about valuescope GmbH, please visit our website www.value-scope.com


Markus Stiefel

Head of Marketing & Sales

valuescope GmbH

P: +49 (89) 520 35 630

E: markus[dot]stiefel[at]value-scope[dot]com