Acorn launches monthly transparency report

Date: Thursday, September 24, 2009
Author: Investment Executive

Report spurred by investor demand, hedge fund manager says...

Alternative investment manager Acorn Global Investments providing more transparency to meet investor demand, the company said Wednesday.

Investors in the Acorn Diversified Trust now have an option to receive a transparency report in the middle of each month in addition to the monthly reporting already in place. The report provides a detailed graphic view of the profit and loss as well as risk exposure right down to the instrument level for all open positions in the fund.

“Relationships thrive with open and clear communication,” says Jason Russell, president and chief investment officer of Oakville, Ont.-based Acorn.

“Our approach seems to be attracting intelligent investors who understand that during every month, sticking to our process that produces performance over time is more important than the monthly performance itself. We support that belief by communicating with our investors and providing them with innovative tools to closely monitor our effectiveness at adhering to our process,” adds Russell.

The report further discloses whether the management team at Acorn has subscribed or redeemed any fund units in the last 90 days to help investors know what management is doing with their own investments in the fund.

Investor response has been very positive, Acorn says.

“It is a powerful testament to the discipline and rigor of your investment strategy that you can be so forthcoming about your process and portfolio exposures,” says Adam Butler, investment advisor and associate portfolio manager at GMP Private Client.