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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Canadian trading advisor offers macro fund

Date: Friday, June 3, 2005
Author: marhedge.com

Toronto-based alternative money manager Salida Capital Corp plans to launch a new systematic global macro offshore trading fund on July 1.

The BTR Global Macro Fund will be managed by Jason Russell of J Russell Capital Management Inc, which will operate under the umbrella of Salida Capital Corp. Salida will offer and market the fund alongside its existing investment lineup, which includes long/short equity, arbitrage and opportunistic strategies.

The new fund will carry a 2% management fee, a 20% performance fee and a US$100,000 minimum investment threshold. KPMG is the fund's auditor, Goldman Sachs is its prime broker and HSBC Security Services is its administrator.

"Essentially it's a managed futures CTA-style strategy with the ability to diversify across a broad range of markets," said Jason Russell, the fund's manager.

J Russell Capital Management is based in Oakville, Ontario, west of Toronto. Salida Capital advises alternative assets in excess of US$500 million.