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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

GlobeOp enhances portfolio risk reporting

Date: Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Author: Hedgeweek.com

GlobeOp is providing enhanced portfolio risk reporting to investors through GoBook, its online fund investor communications tool.

The enhancement responds to increased investor demand for greater transparency about fund risk.

Fund managers can now enrich investor communications by providing advanced portfolio risk analytics through the same GoBook platform that already delivers monthly statements, performance and performance attribution reports, K1 flash reports and manager newsletters.

Fund managers can optionally offer investor access to any of the 50 standard risk reports available to full-service GoRisk clients. Risk reports customized to fund or investor specifications can also be uploaded to GoBook. Managers can specify daily, weekly or monthly uploads.

"When offering investors greater comfort around portfolio risk, fund managers also want to protect confidential position data," says Tony Glickman, global head of risk services at GlobeOp. "With this new GoBook feature, they can provide investors with easy web access to any of the daily position-based fund metrics and reports we independently generate, including risk summaries, risk by asset class or counterparty, or fund performance under various stress scenarios. In terms of operational risk management, GlobeOp is the only fund administrator with its own in-house risk reporting capability and risk reports generated from the same position-reconciled data used in portfolio valuation. Independently reconciled data and increased transparency and communication are all essential in strengthening investor confidence and willingness to invest."

GlobeOp provides risk analysis tools and reporting services to both fund managers and investors based on leading edge analytics, delivered via full ASP (Application Service Provider), on a standalone basis or fully integrated with GlobeOp's fund administration services.

GoBook is a web-based hedge fund performance reporting tool that enables fund managers to communicate independently-verified fund performance data to their investors. GoBook data, based on independent, third-party information, is generated from the trade and accounting data that GlobeOp maintains for its hedge fund clients.