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Friday, November 22, 2019

New Alt Manager Eliminates Performance Fees for Founding Investors

Date: Thursday, May 28, 2009
Author: Acorn Global Investments

Acorn Global Investments is eliminating performance fees for the initial founding investors in the Acorn Diversified Trust.

“We are providing a limited opportunity to obtain a truly alternative investment with traditional fees” says Jason Russell, President and Chief Investment Officer of Acorn Global Investments. “Our transparency, liquidity, highly disciplined approach and most importantly, our results are the primary reasons people are investing. However, we see incredible opportunity ahead and want to scale our business quickly. We found that eliminating performance fees was the most effective way of providing a tangible incentive to those who invest before July 1st” says Russell.

While the alternative investment industry has been reeling from market volatility, credit issues, scandal and an exodus of investors as well as managers, Russell sees opportunity: “Investors are rightfully frustrated with the results they have experienced as well as the lack of transparency and liquidity they have been provided. This combined with the fact that currency, agricultural and bond markets among others seems poised to experience large moves is creating the opportunity of a lifetime for managers who produce results and provide investors the risk control, liquidity and transparency they demand.”

Acorn Global Investments is an alternative investment manager that is committed to being an essential holding in the portfolios of high-net-worth clients and institutions by delivering strong returns and diversification benefits with its proven alternative approach.

Acorn applies highly disciplined, adaptable and proven strategies to a liquid portfolio of extensively diversified exchange traded futures and funds. The combination of this adaptive approach and significant diversification provides clients with an alternative investment to diversify their holdings in equities, bonds or real estate.

For further information, go to www.acorn.ca or contact Jason Russell at 905-257-0773 or jason.russell@acorn.ca.