Acorn Global Investments Launches Its Flagship Program That Adapts To Changing Markets

Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Author: Acorn Global Investments

In this current economic environment, investors are seeking to ADAPT to changes in market direction and risk, DIVERSIFY in highly liquid markets not available through traditional equities and, ultimately, PROSPER through time proven investment strategies.† ††

Acorn Global Investments is responding to the call with the launch of its flagship Acorn Diversified Program,†available through managed accounts and the Acorn Diversified Trust.

Acorn Global Investments was founded by Jason Russell, previously a manager at Salida Capital, and responsible for the BTR Global Macro Fundís 18.69% compound rate of return since July 2005, and 22.32% return in 2008.

Why Acorn?

Outstanding transparency
Superior liquidity
Highly disciplined approach
Low correlation to equities
Proven track record


The Acorn Diversified Trust adapts to changes in market direction, market risk and portfolio risk by quickly exiting losing positions, respecting and maintaining winning positions and regularly adjusting trades based on volatility and liquidity.

The Acorn Diversified Trust works in a variety of environments, diversified by geography, market sectors, instruments, as well as trading direction, frequencies and systems.

The combination of an adaptive approach, extensive diversification and portfolio level risk management is designed to deliver results uncorrelated to traditional investments. 

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Jason Russell at 905-257-0773.