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Robson Van Eck Fund Now In CAD With Reduced FX Risk

Date: Friday, May 1, 2009
Author: Robson Capital Management

Robson Capital Management is pleased to announce that units of the Robson Van Eck Hard Assets Fund, Series A, F and X, will now be denominated in CAD. An active currency risk management program will be implemented to reduce the USD exposure from the investment in the master fund. The Fund will use currency derivatives such as forwards or futures, from time to time, to manage the risk of exchange rate fluctuations between the CAD and USD. 

The Fundís investment objective is high absolute returns in all market conditions through long/short investments in natural resource equities and commodities. The Fund invests substantially all of its assets in a master fund managed by Van Eck Global, a fund denominated in USD. The master fund has generated a consistent low-volatility annualized return of 9.5% (net of fees) over the past 10 years by using proven hedge fund strategies. The master fund has low beta and high alpha relative to the major commodity and equity indices, resulting in improved portfolio returns and reduced portfolio risk.

Van Eck is a world leader in commodity investing, with assets under management at March 31, 2009 of US$10.2 billion, including US$540 million in hard asset hedge fund strategies. The firm has 40+ years of hard assets investment experience and a 12+ year record of managing global hard assets hedge strategies.

Robson Capital Management is an investment management company dedicated to the development, marketing and management of specialty investment funds for Canadian investors. Since its founding in 2003, Robson has established two alternative investment funds: the Robson Van Eck Hard Assets Fund and the Robson Everest Global Fund. Robsonís team is led by Jeffrey C. Shaul, CFA, FCSI, with more than 23 years of investment industry experience, in the research and assessment of investment opportunities and the management of investment funds.

For further information regarding the Fund, please contact Keith Crone at 416-697-5152, kcrone@robsoncapital.com www.robsoncapital.com