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Monday, May 20, 2024

Investable indices launched

Date: Monday, March 23, 2009
Author: Hedge Funds Review

Hedge Fund Research has launched more than doubled the number of HFRX indexes, adding 38 to the existing offering with indexes for sub-strategies, geographic regions and specific countries. The total number of indexes now offered is 65.

Using a Ucits III compliant methodology, Hedge Fund Research has constructed the series. The methodology is based on defined and predetermined rules and objective criteria to select and rebalance.

The indexes are designed to be investable, offering full transparency, daily pricing and consistent fund selection, as well as stringent risk management and reporting standards. Constituents of all indices are selected from an eligible pool of the more than 7,500 funds that report to the HFR Database.

The HFRX indices launched include: Energy/Basic Materials Index, Fundamental Growth Index, Fundamental Value Index, Quantitative Directional Index, Short Bias Index, Technology/Healthcare Index, EH: Multi-Strategy Index, Activist Index, Credit Arbitrage Index, Private Issue/Regulation D Index, Special Situations Index, ED: Multi-Strategy Index, Active Trading Index, Commodity Index, Currency Index, Discretionary Thematic Index, Systematic Diversified Index, Macro: Multi-Strategy Index, Fixed Income-Asset Backed Index, Fixed Income-Corporate Index, Fixed Income-Sovereign Index, Yield Alternative Index, RVA: Multi-Strategy Index, BRIC Index, Brazil Index, Russia Index, India Index, China Index, MENA Index, Multi-Emerging Markets Index, Total Emerging Market Index, Latin America Index, Multi-Region Index, North America Index, Northern Europe Index, Russia/Eastern Europe Index, Western/Pan Europe Index and Aggregate Index.