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Date: Friday, November 26, 2004

Montreal, November 26, 2004 - Norshield Financial Group ("Norshield") is pleased to announce the overwhelming success of the inaugural Canadian Hedge Funds Care "Open Your Heart to the Children Benefit" held recently in Toronto. Close to $200,000 was raised and will assist in child abuse programs. The event, chaired by Norshield, was attended by members of the Canadian hedge fund industry, as well as representatives from major Canadian banks, law firms, universities and service providers to the hedge fund industry. The proceeds will be distributed to various non-government organizations involved in the prevention and treatment of child abuse. As in other locations, the Toronto branch of Hedge Funds Care will work in partnership with a non-profit organization, Toronto Community Foundation, and in tandem with a child welfare specialist, Professor Marion Bogo, Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto "When I learned of the unique focus of Hedge Funds Care in the United States, I felt strongly that it would be beneficial to have a chapter in Canada that could bring relief to victims of child abuse, as well support initiatives aimed at preventing child abuse," said John Xanthoudakis, Norshield Financial Group founder and CEO. "I would like to thank all who were involved in making this inaugural benefit such a huge success and particularly wish to thank those who opened their hearts to support this worthy cause." The co-operation of a number of financial organizations, coupled with the commitment of volunteers, made the benefit possible. It is envisaged that this benefit will be an annual event that will act as another vehicle for the hedge fund industry to make a difference in their communities. "It is heartwarming to see so many people in the hedge fund industry pull together in this manner. It is particularly meaningful as there are very few resources available to support programs devoted to fighting abuse. In fact, Hedge Funds Care is the only business group of its kind that we've been able to identify which is devoted exclusively to this cause. Many warmhearted thanks to all who participated. After all, if we don't protect our children, who will?" commented Rob Davis, founder of Hedge Funds Care. About Norshield Financial Group: Norshield Financial Group specializes in three areas of alternative investments: product creation, proprietary research and consulting. Norshield provides alternative investment advice to a diverse range of clients, including financial intermediaries, institutions, pension and investment funds, foundations and high net worth individuals. Based in Montreal, Norshield Financial Group has offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago and Boca Raton. With over a C$1 billion in assets under management and advisement, Norshield has been designing and providing customized alternative investment solutions to its clients for more than 20 years. About Hedge Funds Care: Established in the United States in 1988, Hedge Funds Care has evolved from being a small benefit held in New York City to large annual fundraisers in San Francisco, Dallas and Chicago aimed at assisting and supporting abused children. This inaugural Canadian event was organized in co-operation with Hedge Funds Care USA, which has raised over US$ 8 million for the prevention of child abuse and the treatment of child abuse victims for more than 5 years. Given the overwhelming positive response, Hedge Funds Care is now reaching out to new communities in Atlanta, Georgia and Toronto, Ontario, for support. For more information, please contact: Wayne Hendry, Communications Director, Norshield Financial Group, Tel: 416-203-2118, 1-866-554-9994, hendry@norshield.com, www.norshield.com.