Hedge Fund to Measure Returns in Gold Rather than Currency

Date: Friday, January 30, 2009
Author: Seeking Alpha.com

A hedge fund has begun offering investors the chance to have their investment denominated in gold, as worries grow over governments debasing their currencies by printing money.

Osmium Capital Management, a $178m hedge fund manager based in Bermuda, is launching a new share class allowing investors to hold shares measured as troy ounces of the fund, rather than U.S. dollars, sterling or euros.

The move follows a surge in investor demand for small gold (GLD) bars and coins held by individuals and gold-backed exchange-traded funds that are holding a record amount of bullion.

Chris Kuchanny, Osmium chief executive and a former London ABN Amro trader, said he was putting almost all his personal wealth into the new share class: “Investors have voiced concerns that they’re overly exposed to the major fiat [paper] currencies in an environment where the fundamentals of those currencies are clearly deteriorating with governments assuming more debt and having lower revenue and more expenditure.

This shows a stunning lack of confidence in currencies. It also says that the fund is anticipating inflation to rear its ugly head in a scary way. When it does, the value of the currencies will plummet and gold will rise.

What is to watch now is whether or not other funds begin to follow. If this becomes a movement rather than an individual act, the crash in currencies could be expedited in a nasty way. Stay tuned...