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Date: Monday, November 8, 2004

(HALIFAX – November 8, 2004) One of the country’s leading universities has teamed up with Canada’s leading financial services educator to offer a unique MBA program. Students of Dalhousie’s MBA (Financial Services) Program will graduate with a specialization in Wealth management, Portfolio management or Risk management.

”We know that employers are looking for people with more practical training,” says Roberta Wilton, President & CEO of the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI). “When students have immediately applicable skills, it means less time training them in the workplace and by extension, greater productivity. What employer doesn’t want that?”

The new joint venture of CSI and Dalhousie University came about following research showing that industry employers want to see better-prepared, more rounded candidates. Providing a solution to this issue, the two institutions have developed a more practical and flexible MBA with the unique focus on the financial services industry.

While many MBA programs use case studies to allow students to apply what they have learned to real scenarios, this is done in a controlled environment and not in the day-to-day reality of changing events and conflicting demands. The Dalhousie program enables students to learn both the business theory inherent in an MBA and the application-based education in CSI courses, rounded out by the practical exposure inherent in the requisite management experience.

“Other MBAs may offer courses in accounting and corporate finance, but no other Canadian MBA currently offers this education along with courses specifically targeted at enhancing the competency and proficiency of investment professionals within the financial services industry,” says Wilton.

The program is also a time-effective solution to doing an MBA. The program is offered on a part–time basis, enabling students to continue to earn income from their jobs and study at the same time. Since a majority of the MBA is offered through online learning, students can complete courses at their own pace.

www.csi.ca) is Canada’s leader in interactive investment learning. Its goal is to enhance the knowledge and skills needed for a career in the securities and financial industry as well as to increase the general understanding of the investing public. CSI has partnerships with colleges and universities nationwide in addition to the Dalhousie MBA program. It is endorsed by the Investment Dealers Association of Canada, Canada's stock exchanges and provincial commissions.