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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Are Managed Forex Accounts Suitable for Short-term Hedge Fund Investors?

Date: Thursday, December 11, 2008
Author: Hedgeco.net

West Palm Beach (HedgeCo.net) - In an interview with Geneva based Forex trader and currency specialist Robert Paulson, he said; "Trading the Forex market is for serious investors seeking alternative investment opportunities."

Clients pulling out of hedge funds due to the current state of affairs has raised questions about short term options and the possibility that investors may find a managed account more suitable.

"Understanding the dynamics of diversification and proper asset allocation is an easy formula to understand. To some investors currency trading is considered a “must” and a “cannot do with out” investment class. In Forex there are no “bull markets” or “bear markets”, having the mobility to trade virtually anywhere in the world is essential when it comes to proper investing.”

Currently operating a managed account program in Geneva, Paulson said he is looking to Dubai and the UAE for the next wave of investors, "The dynamics of the current investment environment offers opportunity for those with a realistic appetite for risk. The Foreign Exchange (Forex) markets have been an asset class most enjoyed by the informed. With over a trillion dollars being traded each day opportunity is mentioned often. In the current financial environment we hear about stock markets falling, commodities selling off and real estate prices dropping. What we don’t hear much about is where serious money is being made."

Making money has never been easy and respectable returns are often taken for granted. To achieve consistency one must thoroughly analyze, track, and monitor economic conditions around the globe. 

Paulson also warned, "There is an enormous amount of time needed to ensure intelligent representation in a fast moving environment. One should understand that where there is a loss there is also a profit, zero-sum is not a game but a way of life. It is also a breeding ground for those who understand."

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