Integrated A. M. announces IMFC Global Diversified Fund won 2008 Canadian Hedge Fund Award

Date: Monday, September 29, 2008
Author: IAM

We have been informed by Integrated Asset Management Corp. (“IAM”) and its managed futures arm, Integrated Managed Futures Corp. (“IMFC”) that the IMFC Global Diversified Fund won the Best New Fund Performance Award last week at the Canadian Hedge Fund Awards 2008. The award was presented to Roland Austrup, President and CIO of IMFC at an event hosted by Hedge Fund Hotel and ISI Publications.

IMFC Global had a return of 36.03 % for the year ending July 31, 2008 and a return of 37.81 % from inception in February of 2007 to win the award for Best New Fund Performance (Track Record of 6 -18 months ). IMFC Global also finished third in the Best Sharpe Ratio category for funds with AUM of $25 million and second in the Best Overall Return Category for funds with AUM of $25 million.

The IMFC Global Investment Program utilizes proprietary systematic trading strategies to invest in long-term price trends in over 60 industrial, agricultural and financial futures markets. The portfolio is allocated 50% to physical commodity futures and 50% to financial commodity futures.

IAM is Canada’s leading alternative asset management company, with approximately $3.5 billion in assets and committed capital under management in private debt, private equity, managed futures, real estate and retail alternative investments.