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Friday, February 28, 2020

iPerformance Fund Inc. (CDNX: IPR) ("iPerform") has launched the iPerform Market Neutral Fund

Date: Friday, April 12, 2002

iPerformance Fund Inc. (CDNX: IPR) ("iPerform") has launched the iPerform Market Neutral Fund, its latest hedge fund offering that expands the firmís open-end product line-up to six funds. Employing an equity market neutral hedging strategy, the fund's primary investment objective is to provide consistent long-term growth through capital appreciation, while maintaining forecasted volatility of return risk less than broad-based equity indexes. The market neutral investment strategy by definition means zero market risk in that the fund's returns are virtually uncorrelated with stock and bond market returns. Lead portfolio manager of the iPerform Market Neutral Fund is Dr. John Schmitz, President of SciVest Capital Management Inc., a firm specializing in the research, development and implementation of quantitative investment management processes. In September 2000, Dr. Schmitz joined MAXXUM Fund Management Inc. (a subsidiary of Investors Group) as Senior Vice President of Investments. In the spring of 2001, Dr. Schmitz brought to market MAXXUM's first hedge fund, the Quantum Aggressive Market Neutral Equity Fund, for which he was also lead portfolio manager. The fund became one of the best performing funds in Canada and one of the best performing market neutral funds in the world. With hedge fund assets under management of approximately CDN $105 million as at April 5th, 2002, iPerform is one of Canada's fastest growing hedge fund companies and has a mandate to become the leading distributor of alternative investment products to Canadian investors. By selecting well-known managers for exclusive partnerships, iPerform provides Canadian investors, through its lineup of single and multi-manager long/short equity funds, the opportunity to invest with leading hedge fund managers from around the globe. iPerform is 49.9% owned by Toronto-based Integrated Asset Management Corp. (CDNX: IAM), a premier alternative asset class manager with over CDN $900 million in assets under management.