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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Smutty Hedge Fund Buys iPorn.com

Date: Tuesday, June 3, 2008
Author: FINalternatives.com

A hedge fund dedicated to investing in the adult entertainment industry has struck a deal for iPorn, a mobile and SMS pornography provider in the works.

Beverly Hills, Calif.-based AdultVest, which claims its “online marketplace” now exceeds $7 billion in capital available for varied smutty investments, announced that its Priapus Investment Fund acquired iPorn yesterday.

Visitors to www.iporn.com yesterday were offered the opportunity to pre-register for a free trial account of “the exciting iPorn community coming soon.”

“We have very big plans for iPorn.com,” AdultVest’s Francis Koenig said. “This acquisition is a natural fit. Our team has incredibly strong technical and marketing capabilities, and we have already developed several mobile and SMS technologies that in the process of being patented. Our developers are already hard at work on what will be ‘the iPorn.com’ platform’ and we have begun to cut deals with technology providers and major adult studios.”