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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Midridge Fund Launch

Date: Friday, June 14, 2002

Toronto, Canada, June 14, 2002 - Does your current investment portfolio remind you of the Titanic? Try the Midridge Fund US Market Neutral Strategy at www.midridge.com/hedgefund/start.asp . Whether the stock market goes up or down, the Midridge Fund is designed to offer consistent stable performance. It has very little correlation to traditional asset classes and employs an "absolute return strategy" that targets an annual return of 20-40%, with half the volatility of the US stock market. Founded by CFA accredited individuals with decades of investment experience at some of the world's most renowned financial institutions, the Midridge Fund has a simple investment philosophy: manage risk while maximizing client returns, regardless of market conditions. The Midridge Fund operates a proprietary investment process that uses dynamic quantitative, fundamental and technical based investment models that have been developed over the past decade. This multi-factor stock selection and portfolio construction approach has yielded excellent risk adjusted returns. One of the cornerstones of the Midridge Fund is delivering ample return and risk control information to create a level of daily transparency that is unique to the hedge fund industry. As financial markets continue to twist and gyrate, investors need to know where they stand and historic patterns of disclosure are becoming an unacceptable failing for individual funds and the industry as a whole states Midridge President Christopher Ambridge. To meet the need for more disclosure, the Midridge Fund has made available extensive details about the fund on its website in order to help investors stay fully informed. For more information and a complete overview of the fundís specific parameters please register online at www.midridge.com/hedgefund/start.asp