Alternative Asset Center announced the launch of the second edition

Date: Thursday, October 3, 2002

ZURICH, October 1 Many industry observers would agree that fund of hedge funds have become mainstream investment vehicles. Industry estimates for the size of the fund of hedge funds sector range from 1300 and 1500 funds with assets under management between USD 100 and USD 130 billion. Individual investors and pension funds alike are clamoring to put money into fund of hedge funds. Alternative Asset Center, an independent publishing company specializing on alternative asset investment products, has launched its 2002 Fund of Hedge Funds Directory. Being the second edition, it is a thoroughly prepared and objectively researched study of the fund of hedge funds universe. From information on individual fund of hedge funds or the hedge funds they invest in, to complete and updated contact information, this year's edition covers more than 470 funds of hedge funds on a global scale including both onshore and offshore funds. The Directory will benefit both investors and managers. Investors will be able to research fund of hedge funds investment options, improve transparency, examine how fund of fund managers handle asset allocation, and get access to one of the largest list of fund of hedge funds, including 1300 fund names and contact details. Managers, on the other hand, will be able to benchmark their own fund against others funds and undertake market intelligence of the fund of hedge funds market. The Directory is only available to accredited investors. Contact: Emilce Trachsel, Head of Sales and Marketing. Tel: +1 (206) 201- 8231 or