Epic Fund produces 54% returns as it marks 2-year track record. Long/Short Hedge Fund Ranks 2nd out

Date: Monday, December 9, 2002

David Fawcett and Tom Schenkel, co-portfolio managers of The Epic Limited Partnership Fund ("Epic"), said today that their Fund produced returns of 54% net to investors over the past two years or 24% annualized. "As of November 30, 2002 Epic reached the two-year mark, and our Fund soundly out-performed the major indices. We follow a focused and disciplined investment approach and we are pleased that Epic compares very favorably to its peers," said Mr. Fawcett. Both the S&P 500 and the TSX Composite were down over 20% during the same period. Since inception, the Fund's performance ranked 2nd out of 86 funds according to Globefund.com (as at October 31, 2002). "Underpinning our Fund's performance is a strong risk management strategy," added Mr. Schenkel. He said that Epic experienced only one down month of less than one percent in July 2002, over 24 months of high volatility within equities markets. Examples of positions that contributed to the Fund's impressive performance include: Caterpillar, Celestica Inc., Cognos Inc., Encana Corp. and BCE Inc.