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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

BluMont Man Guaranteed Fund Unveiled

Date: Monday, February 3, 2003

BluMont Capital Corp., formerly known as iPerform, launched its first multi-manager principal guaranteed fund, as part of its strategic alliance with Man Investment Products*, London. The retail fund, BluMont Man-IP 220 Series 1 Note, is modeled on existing Man-IP 220 offerings, which combine hedge funds managed by Man Glenwood and futures trading via Manís AHL Diversified Program. Fund managers are aiming for a return of 18% per year with the fund, something Man has been able to achieve with past IP 220 issues. Man raised US$670 million with the IP 200 Series 4 Ltd. Bryan Nykoliation, vice president in marketing for BluMont, said the firm is stressing lack of correlation and potential performance over the fundís guarantee, which he likened to an air bag on a car. ďI wouldnít buy a car without an air bag,Ē but that thatís not the reason for buying the car, he said. Investors should be more focused on the fundís expected low correlation with stocks and bonds, he said. The fund is available to all Canadian investors with a minimum of C$5,000 to get in, and is qualified for RSP. The fund charges a 1.7% annual fee on top of the fees for the underlying funds. Man Glenwood receives 2% of assets and 20% of profits, while the AHL Program charges 3% annually and 20% of profits. The principal guarantee, provided by Citibank Canada, kicks in at the fundís maturity in November of 2013.