Sprott Asset Management to launch a new Global Market Neutral Fund

Date: Tuesday, January 8, 2008
Author: Sprott Asset Management

Sprott Asset Management (SAM) Announces the Launch Date of the Sprott Global Market Neutral Fund

Launch date: February 1, 2008.

The new Fund will provide greater options for Canadian investors looking to increase their exposure to global markets, in a neutral approach. SAM recognizes the need for depth of choice across various asset classes and global markets for advisors and their clients.

The Fund will be an open-ended unincorporated mutual fund trust offered by Offering Memorandum. It is expected to be eligible for registered tax plans and will be managed by the SAM Investment Team.

The primary objective of the Fund will be to provide long term capital appreciation by investing in long and short positions in equity and equity-related securities of companies, in a neutral approach. To achieve the Fundís investment objective, the Manager will use a proprietary quantitative model to identify investment opportunities with the potential for capital appreciation over the long term. This is accomplished by seeking out medium to large capitalization companies with a relative change in fundamental factors anywhere in the world. The portfolio will be broadly diversified by sector and contain exposure to various geographical regions around the globe. The ranking process of the proprietary quantitative model will provide a selection of top-ranked companies to buy for the long portfolio and bottom-ranked companies to sell for the short portfolio.

To participate in the launch, Sprott Asset Management must receive subscription forms no later than 4pm on January 31. 2008.†Consult the Offering Memorandum before investing.

For more information regarding the Fund, please†call† 943-6707 or toll free 866-299-9906.

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