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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Gay Porn Star Denies Role In Seth Tobias Death Case

Date: Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Author: Yahoo News

A gay porn star being sought by lawyers in the death investigation of millionaire Seth Tobias said claims made about his relationship with the deceased hedge fund manager are "absolutely incorrect," WPBF News 25 reported.

Chris Dunhauer, who said he goes by the name "Tiger" because of the tiger-like striped tattoos down his side, told WPBF that he does not recall ever knowing Seth Tobias or his wife, Filomena Tobias.

"The assistant of Seth Tobias -- who moved over to San Diego -- he is the one that is saying that I was a recent boyfriend of [Tobias's] up until he died in September, and that is just absolutely incorrect," Dunhauer told WPBF.

Police found the body of 44-year-old Seth Tobias on Sept. 4 nude in the pool of his $3 million Jupiter mansion with abrasions on his nose, forehead and back, according to a police search warrant. Investigators said they found his wife, Filomena Tobias, holding her husband's body on the steps of the pool.

Billy Ash, a self-proclaimed former escort agency head who refers to himself as "Mr. Madam," told WPBF that Filomena Tobias told him that she had drugged Seth Tobias and lured him into their mansion pool with the promise of sex with Dunhauer.

Dunhauer, however, stands by his claim that he never knew the couple.

"I am a porn star, so maybe they have some of my videos and, you know, it was their fantasy. If they were on a cocaine binge, or some sort of drug binge, that is maybe one of their fantasies," Dunhauer said.

Ash, who now resides in San Diego, Calif., said he was Seth Tobias' personal assistant for two years.

Filomena Tobias' lawyer told WPBF that Ash's claims are "completely baseless" and that there is no proof of poisoning whatsoever.

According to a police warrant obtained by WPBF, investigators searched the couple's mansion the night of Seth Tobias' death and found a small Ziploc bag containing a white, powdery substance, as well as another small baggie with a straw and two empty plastic prescription bottles.

Filomena Tobias told police that her husband, who was a familiar face on financial network CNBC's "Squawk Box," went to downtown West Palm Beach bar E.R. Bradley?s Saloon earlier in the evening and that she believed he may have been using cocaine, WPBF reported.

Seth Tobias filed for divorce from his wife in 2006, but dropped the case in October of that year.

In the divorce file, Filomena Tobias said she caught her husband having an affair, spending tens of thousands of dollars on his lover, gambling and "other illicit habits," WPBF reported.

Jupiter police said they are still awaiting toxicology reports to determine the cause of Seth Tobias' death. Meanwhile, they are calling the case a death investigation and not a homicide case.