PerTrac announces data distribution deal with Eurekahedge

Date: Tuesday, December 4, 2007

PerTrac Financial Solutions announced today an agreement with Eurekahedge to implement direct downloading of Eurekahedge’s investment databases for use with PerTrac software. PerTrac will make six popular Eurekahedge databases available to its clients: North American Hedge Funds, European Hedge Funds, Asian Hedge Funds, Latin American Hedge Funds, Global Funds of Funds, and Long-Only Absolute Return Funds. PerTrac distributes a broad range of alternative and traditional investment databases from several information providers for use with the PerTrac Analytical Platform, the world’s leading investment analysis and asset allocation software…

… Although the six databases have been available in a PerTrac-compatible format from Eurekahedge in the past, they will gain new PerTrac-specific enhancements as PerTrac begins delivering them directly to its own clients under the new arrangement. Like other PerTrac-distributed databases, the Eurekahedge databases will be included in the PerTrac ID system and will be available for download directly within the PerTrac Analytical Platform desktop application.

Introduced a year ago, the revolutionary PerTrac ID feature allows users to easily distinguish unique investments across different data vendors, which often have some degree of overlap between their databases. For example, the same investment product may appear in multiple databases but may be labeled with slightly different names by different data vendors, making the data confusing for users. Thanks to PerTrac ID, multiple databases from different data vendors are combined in the PerTrac Analytical Platform software and, with a single click, duplicate investments are hidden from view. The PerTrac ID system provides users with a more complete view of the investment universe by removing duplication of data.

Additional benefits of the new arrangement with Eurekahedge include more convenient access to the Eurekahedge databases for PerTrac clients. All PerTrac-distributed databases can be downloaded directly within the PerTrac Analytical Platform application without the need to open a web browser and navigate to a download site. The application even offers automated scheduled downloading so users always have up-to-date data ready for use. Invoicing and licensing for the Eurekahedge databases will also be handled by PerTrac, simplifying the ordering process for users.
Contact: Meredith Jones, Managing Director, 1-615-297-4500,