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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Arrow offers two new hedge funds

Date: Friday, September 7, 2007
Author: Advisor.ca

Arrow Hedge Partners has launched two new Canadian-based long/short funds, the Arrow Roundtable Fund and the JC Clark Opportunities Fund, which are focused on the small- and mid-cap market.

"The opportunity for extraordinary gains in the Canadian market arises from several factors, including the relatively light analytical coverage of small- and mid-cap stocks relative to larger-cap stocks," says Mark Purdy, CIO of Arrow Hedge in Toronto.

Investing in a concentrated portfolio of stocks, the fund managed by Roundtable includes a long bias and limited use of leverage. The fund managed by JC Clark will also invest in a concentrated portfolio, but has a "variable bias" toward long and short positions.

"These two managers are amongst the most talented managers of their types in Canada," says Jim McGovern, Arrow's CEO. "We're proud to represent the two complementary approaches in our efforts to bring the unique opportunity set of the non–large-cap Canadian market to our investors."