Administered Hedge Fund Assets Reach $2.267 Trillion in Q1 2007

Date: Monday, May 21, 2007
Author: Joel Schwab, RiskCenter (HFN) has published the first ever survey of hedge fund industry administrators. The results of the survey show that administered hedge fund assets, excluding double counting of funds of hedge funds assets and assets from managed accounts, reached $2.267 trillion in over 12,600 individual funds through the end of the first quarter 2007.

The full survey results can be viewed at the HFN website: and includes rankings by total $AUA, by region and regional focus, and fastest growing for both single manager hedge funds and fund of hedge funds administrators.


HFN surveyed 53 hedge fund industry administrators, including all of the top 25, and Citco Fund Services emerged as an industry administering $358 billion in single manager hedge fund assets followed by HSBC’s Alternative Fund Services with $172 billion and BISYS Alternative Investment Services with $164 billion.

Citco Fund Services also took the top spot in each region surveyed, North America, Europe and Asia. Runners up in each region were; Investor’s Bank & Trust with $134 billion in North America domiciled fund assets, BISYS with $53.98 billion in Europe domiciled fund assets and Trident Fund Services with $3.15 billion in Asia domiciled fund assets.

Total reported administered assets in funds of hedge funds were $1.09 trillion at the end of Q1 2007. Fortis Prime Fund Solutions was the largest administrator of funds of hedge funds assets with $143 billion globally followed by Citco Fund Services with $127 billion and UBS Global Asset Management – Fund Services with $88 billion.

In the next few days, HFN will release its quarterly HFN Hedge Fund Industry Asset Flow Report which will state that total hedge fund industry assets in single manager hedge funds have far surpassed published industry estimates to reach an estimated $2.401 trillion in over 13,000 individual funds. The total industry asset and fund figures take into account, through an independent survey of hedge fund managers, assets and funds which are either “selfadministered” or accounted for through other third parties. The report will be available through the website as well. (HFN), a division of Channel Capital Group Inc, is a source for hedge fund news and information. Investors who meet's accreditation standards are eligible for access to an online database of more than 7,200 hedge funds, funds-of-funds and CTA/managed futures products. HFN serves a rapidly growing user base of more than 35,000 accredited investors worldwide. Registered users include a wide range of institutional investors and high net worth individuals. For more information or to register, please go to