Hedge Funds & Oil Predictions

Date: Thursday, February 8, 2007
Author: Alex Akesson, HedgeCo.net

HedgeCo.Net (New York) - OilandGasStockNews.com, an investor and industry news portal released the oil and gas trends predicted for hedge funds this year. In the ‘Insiders Corner’ an interview with Michael Brush, had investors considering "Investors had big bets on energy stocks, but now that crude oil has fallen 9% this year and 30% since last summer, hedge funds are heading for the exits. Is there any end in sight?" It may be just around the corner, as oil prices were bearish and in the $50 a barrel range. “Our energy bets are bruised and battered, and it’s easy to see why."

Predicting the cold weather trends that have set in, the Insiders Corner also reminded investors of other factors, besides the weather, that support higher energy prices including “Tensions in the Middle East”, but the eerily warm weather in much of the U.S. is about to "turn on a dime," predicts AccuWeather.com forecaster Joe Bastardi.

Michael Brush, author of “Lessons From the Front Line”, is an award winning financial writer that writes a weekly market column for MSN Money as well as the ‘Insiders Corner’ for InvestorIdeas.com Mr. Brush has also covered business and investing for the New York Times, Money magazine and the Economist Group.

As far as where oil is currently trading, Eden Energy Corporation President and CEO Don Sharpe comments, “We expect oil prices to strengthen throughout the remainder of the year as geopolitical risks reemerge due to actions in Nigeria, Iran and other volatile parts of the oil producing world. We believe oil demand will continue to increase and supply will feel pressure due to smaller discoveries world wide. Heavy oil and oil sands are available to make up the difference, but these sources require a stable, higher oil price.”

OilandGasStockNews.com is a global investor and industry research portal for the oil and gas sector.

Alex Akesson
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