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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Investment Pioneer Ned Goodman Launches Goodman Institutional Funds

Date: Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Goodman Institutional Investments announces the launch of Goodman
Institutional Funds. In a time of market uncertainty it is just
as important for institutional investors to find a firm with the
right management structure and the right investment solutions to
invest their members pension funds as it is for individual
investors. Join us as we discuss the importance of asset
management, asset mix and the multi-manager, multi-style
structure that once again puts Goodman ahead of the pack. If you
think governance is important and investors have a right to know,
come hear what Goodman Institutional Investments has to say about
comprehensive monitoring, compliance and reporting.

Institutional investors have been looking for solutions to better
enhance their returns, and better monitoring systems for their
investments. Goodman Institutional Investments will offer fund of
funds management to small pension funds and a fund of hedge funds
to larger pension funds. Goodman will provide a range of services
to pension funds, including asset allocation, investment
searches, record keeping, performance monitoring and investment