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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Fractal Edge, HFN Technology Wins Award

Date: Monday, October 23, 2006
Author: HFN Daily Report

Fractal Edge, a software information services company, was recently named Best Visualization Provider by Waters magazine. Fractal Edge's trademark Fractal Map technology is used by HedgeFund.net.

Fractal Maps are able to showcase data in terms of circular "heat maps," allowing readers to visualize findings in a new way. Viewers can see which sectors are hot and cold in terms of coloring and can dig deeply into the numbers in ways traditional research models, such as columns of numbers and text, have not been able to do.

HedgeFund.net is the only hedge fund database currently using this technology.

"The visualization creates a cultural shift in analyzing data," said John Polo, vice president from Fractal Edge. "Clients can find what they are looking for in a fraction of the time."

Fractal Edge was founded in 2005. The New York-based company counts seven of the top 10 worldwide investment banks as clients, according to Polo, as well as more than 150 buy and sell-side firms.